Straight Talk About Straight Razors

Q: I use a disposable/cartridge razor, won’t that suffice?

A: For most guys, the only shave they’ve ever known involves standing over the bathroom sink, hurriedly scraping their faces with a plastic disposable and rushing off to work with bloodied little bits of toilet paper dotting each cheek.  Few have ever been on the receiving end of a real shave, much less kicking back in a barber chair and being treated to shave oils and a heated lather.

There used to be a time when a shave actually meant something — a time when male grooming was a rite of passage into manhood.  It meant having your face blanketed with hot towels before getting all lathered up in a barber chair and letting a skilled craftsman ply his trade on your jowls.

Today, a proper shave — with a traditional straight razor — is something of a lost art.  Cheap, disposable razors and expensive cartridges combined with the unisex hair salon have practically sealed the fate of the old-fashioned straight shave.  But more guys are getting fed up with hurried morning butchery of today and are yearning for a return to the old ways of yesterday — the civilized way.

Q: What exactly is a straight razor?

A: The traditional straight razor is a single, long steel blade honed to a razor-sharp edge that folds (usually) into a handle.  Using one properly requires a steady, practiced hand in order to avoid irritation and cuts—and most men today simply don’t have the time or patience for that.  That’s why the Image First barbers have taken the time and care to hone their skills (and blades) to deliver you the best shave of your hectic life.  Never had one?  Read on to see what your missing.

Q: Why experience an Image First old-fashioned straight razor shave?

#1: It’s relaxing! The warm-lather straight razor shave is the “facial” for manly men.  The experience is definitely a treat every time.  There’s nothing quite like a hot towel on your face or the musky fragrance of rich, creamy shaving foam to sap the day’s stress right out of your body.

#2: It’s manly! When you experience a straight razor shave, you can almost feel the testosterone increasing in your body.  It feels cool to be taking part in a ritual that so many men from history have experienced.  Plus, in a world where women are pretty much doing everything men are, a straight razor shave is one of the few activities that is still completely and exclusively male.

#3: It’s dangerous!  No, not really, but at least it feels that way.  There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of letting another man (or woman) hold a razor-sharp piece of steel to your neck to remind you that you’re alive![vc_empty_space height=”8px”]

Come in to Image First today and let us introduce you to the pleasure of experiencing a traditional straight-razor shave. Your face will thank you for it.

Lather up…

Warm, rich shaving lather.To do it correctly, a straight razor shaving requires shaving soap in a cup.  We use only the finest shave cream which is warmed, lathered and applied using a rotating in-and-out motion of a shaving brush.  It’s like a massage for your epidermis.

Precision handling…

We shave as close as a blade or your money back.Straight razor shaving is performed with the blade of the razor held at approximately an angle of twenty to thirty degrees to the skin.  The shaving direction is always kept perpendicular to the edge; an incision requires the movement of the blade to be sideways or in a direction parallel to the edge.  The shave itself is completed using as few strokes as possible to minimize any irritation.

Best. Shave. Ever.

Smooth as a baby's bottom.The top level of the skin is exfoliated during the shave.  Some people find that a good moisturizing soap or cream provides enough skin conditioning to compensate for this.  We apply a masculine-scented balm to both cool and refresh your skin.

Today’s task: Get a straight razor shave!

Your task for today is to stop putting it off and get out and get a straight razor shave.  Not all barbers do them; it’s a dying art rapidly being replaced by cheap, disposable razors.  Thankfully the young and energetic barbers at Image First plan on keeping this tradition alive for many years to come.  Stop in to our Landisville location today and experience what some of our customers say is, “the best shave of your life!”