Haircuts & Hair Styling

Lancaster’s favorite full-service barber shop & hair styling salon is ready for you. Come get some.

So, you’ve thought about for a while now.  You’ve even managed to put it off until the lobes of your ears began getting fuzzy…  Now everyone knows: it’s time to get a haircut.

Are you going to stick with your old tried (tired?) and true look that got you through the last ten years?  Or perhaps you have a chic new hairstyle in mind that you saw someone famous wearing so well?  Want to find a local small-town barber shop near you that focuses on customer care and satisfaction?

Whether you’re one of our regular customers or a welcomed new guest to our barber shop, the haircut & styling professionals at the Image First Barber Shop will make transforming your image their first priority.

So when you are sitting down and deciding where you want to go for your next haircut, think about this – a good hairstyle speaks loudly to others about your personality and it helps define who you are. Is your next haircut going to be high and tight with a fade? Or maybe you’ll keep it long, relaxed, and flowing. Any way you want it, that’s the way you’ll get it, because here at Image First Barber Shop we put our customers’ image first!

Customer Haircut Special!


Children under 10 & Seniors over 65 can stop in to our Landisville location and receive a regular haircut for only $10.00! All other times for the unbeatable price of just $12! A great way to spend time with the grand kids.


What defines your style?

These are some of our many satisfied customers who wanted to share their latest haircuts & hairstyles. Any way you want it, that’s the way you get it.