Beard & Mustache Trimming

Take care of your facial hair by treating yourself with Image First beard and mustache maintenance service! We trim, shape and style your beard to your liking.

Years ago, it was nothing for a man to let his beard out; he simply stopped shaving. Whether the beard on a man’s face ends on his chin, neck, or chest, it is sure to draw some interest.

Now, however, many people have professional office jobs that require of them a certain standard of hygiene for facial hair, so modern mustaches and beard maintenance require a bit more tailoring.

A wild, sloppy mess may introduce the world to your impressively rugged robustness, but it won’t do you any favors in the dating & employment departments. To better favor your odds in both areas, the best bet is to keep your facial hair in check with a modern style, clean cut, and routine maintenance…

…and this is how the Image First professionals will do it for you.

Brush the bush out.

Combing out a facial beard before trimming.

The first thing we do is comb all of your facial hair into one, flowing in a single direction to be sure of a cut.

Clippers for detail.

Trimming the grizzled beard and looking fantastic!

With the beard ready, we use the trimmer to trim it for a smooth, even cut. We take our time to shape up the mustache edges before fading the neck and cheeks.

Preserve & protect.

A well-mustachioed man

Your mustache & treatment finishes up with a beard oil to keep your strands healthy and prevent them from drying out and itching.

Get cleaned up now

With these first pictures, your beard & mustache will grab everyone’s attention. So when you’re ready to retire that bear look, stop in and let our seasoned professionals take your facial grooming to the next level.